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From: RGM
Subject: Foreign Suck and FuckOn a recent trip to the preteen bbs lol Middle East I got so horny I was ready to suck any
cock or cocks; the more the better. I also wanted to be really fucked. I
had to go to a major city to porno preteen gratis pick up two new arrivals for our work
crew. After our work was done we planned to travel as tourists for a couple
of weeks.I scheduled enough time in the city to meet my needs. Enroute to the
airport I went to a place called Poppers. A name like Poppers offered
promise.I paid the $5 entry fee and was handed a condom and receipt. I checked out
the sex toys, videos/DVDs for rent to be shown in private booths there or
for sale.Encouraged by the condom I bought a tube of lube. I went to the one stall,
one urinal and wash basin men's room to piss. A clean looking, darkly
handsome man was standing sideways at the toilet inside the stall watching
me through the open door.I took my time pissing in the urinal. Seeing the man in my peripheral
vision I watched him fondling his thick cock and ample balls in their hairy
sack. I milked down my piss driblets, chunt preteen shook my cock and felt the stiffening
blood rush into my rod as the man and I watched each other.Our cocks were firm at about the same time. They were also close in size --
length and girth -- and both cut. A shiny pearl of clear pre-cum bubbled at
the slit in the end of his flared knob. He pushed down his jockey shorts
and pants, cupped his big nuts in one hand and stroked his shaft with a
gnarly thumb and first two fingers of his other hand."Please," I said in his language smiling and nodding to him, licking my
lips and gersturing a lick on his cock with my tongue extended slightly.He answered, "Please," backed a step to let me past him into the stall.As I moved past him I took his man stick by its sides with my thumb and
first two fingers replacing his on his preteens free 12 cock. He put two fingers under my
jewels and enclosed my hard cock with a thumb and the last two - ring and
little fingers -- of his workingman's hand..I used my other hand to close the toilet seat. I sat down, rotated my hand
on his cock so my thumb was on the thick under vein of his fine rod, my
index and middle finger on top of his shaft. I stuck out my tongue, lips
open and closed my upper lip on the top of his mushroom-shaped helmet, my
tongue cushioning his freneum. I milked out a stream of his pre-cum juice
coating my tongue at first with the dollop already there, then more of his
natural lube from his full nuts.I slurped with my tongue licking away his initial pre-cum flow following
the bubble he and I black preteen gallery
had saved so carefully for me.His cock felt and tasted delicious. His pubes those of a man off from work
in the afternoon for a good sucking -- clean, disease-free and just a bit
sweaty. Eager to satisfy his needs and mine I went right down on his shaft,
his knob penetrating into my throat opening. Fondling his balls I moved my
head back and forth, sucking, slurping and tonguing his hard, slick, tasty
manhood.I was well into it, wanting it to last but wanting his creamy cum at the
same time. His cock stiffened even harder, swelled thicker, throbbed,
pulsed, throbbed again in my mouth. Then his cock jerked up as the first
wad of his thick jism bolted onto my tongue at my throat opening.I gulped, swallowed, sucked, swallowed again. His cock jerked and throbbed
as he pumped his gouts of cum into my sucking, swallowing mouth, my head
moving back and forth; him rocking, and just short of thrusting his hard
rod, driving it so deep to gag me.There was no gagging. Together we emptied his drawn up tight balls of their
load of cum into my mouth as I swallowed his sweet, slimy nectar.I held his taut, humping hips, bobbing my head and slurped, sucked,
swallowed the last of his cum. At the end he yelled, pre teenies modeles
"Oh yeah!"I milked out what I knew was a clear stream at the end of his cum load.He had been stroking my cock while I sucked him. I was ready to cum in
response to his cum load fed to me. I stood; he knelt, took my cock in his
wet mouth, moved up and hot preteen bikinis
down on me sucking. I flooded his mouth with cum
while he held my butt cheeks and tickled my ass furrow and anal pucker with
the fingers of both his hands.He cleaned my cock and balls with his lips and tongue. I helped him stand
and again returned that favor for him.I was hoping he would get hard and fuck my face this time, then preteen cameltoe vids my ass. He
must have known. He said in English, "Later. Fuck you."I smiled and nodded my agreement. Then I went upstairs to watch the
constant nude preteen download
running porno shows on the club screens and for real among the men
there.The stairs were treacherous -- steep, spiral and no hand rails. At the top
of the stairs three four-person sofas faced TV screens showing men with
men, transsexuals with men and women, and straight sex with lots of cock
sucking and ass fucking. Each TV screen had a corral and single straight
back chair in the corral. I learned later the chair was for sitting while
getting sucked by another, or others, kneeling concealed in part by the
corral walls, or for sitting fucks facing toward or away from your seated
fucker.Next in the low lit upper floor was a big screen showing always men sucking
and fucking. The room had a 4-to-2-person sofa and some straight back
chairs and single, plush chairs.Past this room with open entryways on two sides was a dark room with a
single bed, a sling and one straight backed chair. This room drew mostly
butt fuckers and preteen girl board
their bottoms, cocksuckers too, usually in pairs or groups
using the single bed, swing and chair for their orgies of man-man sex.A square of eight glory hole rooms completed the upper floor. Two small TV
screens showed two of the three sex vids from the entry area with the
sofas, corrals and straight back chairs. the videos showing at the time I
visited on the way to pick up one the two co-workers were of two guys
sucking and fucking and a guy with a transsexual sucking and fucking.The glory hole booths gave access through fake leather-padded, large holes
to eight cocks, balls sets, mouths or asses in one booth. Two booths with
three padded holes in them and two more in the far end from the entry
booths completed the rather elaborate glory hole area.I checked booths until I found the largest with eight glory holes booth
door locked. All of the other booths were unoccupied except for one older,
grey-haired man moving from booth to booth. I have no objection to older
cock, but I entered one of the booths with four glory holes including one
opening into the occupied, eight glory holes booth. I looked through the
hole and saw an average length, thick, cut cock jutting from the curly,
black pubes of a strong-looking, stocky middle aged to younger man.I reached through the hole, turned my palm up and waggled preteen bbs lol my fingers in the
universal signal for cock. Without hesitation the naked man I now saw as my
eyes adjusted to the even dimmer light of the low lit upper floor laid his
hard cock in my hand. I stroked it and drew his meat to the hole and to my
still eager mouth, lips and tongue for cock to suck and lick.I cupped his balls, licked his cock knob, covered his cock head with my
lips and took his meat in my mouth. I started sucking moving my head to get
his flared cock en to my throat entrance. He responded by using both hands
on preteen girl intercourse either side of my head to pull my head through the over-sized,
egg-shaped, padded glory hole, actually into his booth. He held the back of
my head and grasped my neck in front. Then he started testing my
willingness and ability for a deep throat face fucking.He pushed his lower body forward driving his cock over my lips and tongue,
pushing his thick helmet into my throat. At the same time he pulled my head
to him with both his hands.I took his cock slobbering on his meat, frothing his ball sack with my
saliva and fondled his nuts. He saw, felt and sensed I could take his hard
face fucking, even wanted it. He stopped fucking my mouth and gestured for
me to join him in his preteen hardcore forums
booth. preteens free 12 He made his invitation clear by unlocking and
opening his booth door.I took only enough time to put my cock back into my pants and underwear
before moving from my booth to his. While he fucked my mouth and I played
with his nuts I had been jacking my cock. My pre-cum was flowing, lubing
me. Except for my saliva his cock was dry, no particular taste, smell or
feel of pre-cum slime as he face fucked me.I knew he wanted to dominate me so I knelt in front of him as he faced me
in his booth. I opened my mouth, pulled out my cock, took his cock by the
base in one hand and put my other hand on his butt cheeks. I pulled him
toward me taking his extra thick, average length man meat in my mouth, deep
throating it.He went right back to face fucking me again pounding his cock down my
throat, grunting his pleasure, commanding me, call me his cunt, telling me
to take it. I let him pound his cock down my throat, cooing my pleasure,
using my mouth, lips, tongue and hands on his balls, the other grasping,
massaging his butt cheek, getting fingers in his ass crack, doing my best
to please his perverse desires.Eventually I was rubbing his crinkled asshole, then fingering just inside
his puckered hole. He like that so much and wanted more. He pumped his cock
a few more strokes in my mouth -- his pussy to fuck by now for sure -- and
turned away from me. He popped his fat, hard, slimed with my spit tool out
of my sucking mouth.He leaned over and bent his knees. He wanted me to tongue his ass crack,
rim his hole. I couldn't do it. His back side smelled of more than the
sweat of his day's work or play. I stood and slotted my hard,
pre-cum-leaking cock in his butt crack. I swabbed his crinkled ring with
my natural lube. I let go of his rod and nuts preteens mpgs
to unwrap and put on the
condom given to me when I paid my pre teenies modeles entry fee. Cock covered I pressed my knob
end against his lenslike opening. He moaned and took it. His hole opened
readily to accept my hard cock up his horny ass. I groaned at the warmth
and tightness of his fuck hole.Just like that our roles changed. He was being dominated by me now. I
fucked his manpussy, fondled his balls, stroked his cock/clit, felt his
rolling belly and toyed with his erected nipples. I was giving russian preteen preteens cock to him
hard and fast as he had fucked my mouth.I was about to cum in his ass when I felt a pair of hands pull my underwear
further down over my thrusting butt and down my thighs past my knees.
Fingers slicked my crack, one, then two lubed my tingling, puckered hole. A
condom-covered, thick cock knob nudged at my crinkled anus.I stopped thrusting my cock into the man hole where my stiff meat was
buried. "Ungh," I grunted as one hand pulled my ass cheek to aside, a
steady push shoved a long, thick, hot, stiff rod into me balls deep. The
man behind me took over the motion, fucking my ass, and as I rocked with
him fucking my cock into the man in front of me.I came hard in response to the big cock riding back and preteen hardcore forums forth over my
prostate. The man fucking me throbbed, pulsed and pumped his cum up my
ass. He preteen video hot filled his rubber to overflowing before he stopped humping my
stretched hole.It was time to clean up and go then to pick up my workmates at the airport.
The coming days and weeks were set by then. Poppers, the club, was always
available, and I was well known then by now, and my work partners were
maybe available too as their horniness grew as had mine in this interesting
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